Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 2009

Sample Boxes are up for sale in the TeamSC shop. Please note that SCteam members are NOT allowed to purchase boxes. This is to be used for promoting the team.
You CAN however promote. Suggestions:
etsy shop announcement
adding a signature to your e-mail
inserts in orders that you send out

Just please remember not to spam as this will reflect badly on the team and yourself

We are also giving away one box on the team blog.
Again, SCteam members are NOT allowed to enter the giveaway.

You can use the images provided on the team message board to promote.
4 boxes with 12 items are being sold for $45
5 boxes of 11 items are being sold for $40
value: $75-$120

If you are not participating in the sample boxes you can still promote. Also, consider donating a dollar or two to cover listing fees of the boxes. Let's support each other!
You can also add 3 items to the team shop for only $1.00.

As voted at the last team meeting we now have a new team tag. SCteam rather than TeamSC. Please update your etsy shop tags to reflect this. This will make it easier for members and outsiders to find our items.

Members who have not posted or visited the team board since joining or in the past 30 days will be removed.
Please post monthly (make sure it's relevant) to stay active.
A weekly visit is recommended to stay up-to-date.

Please turn on to receive notices when an internal message is sent to you.

The theme for this months Creative Challenge is Thanksgiving. Deadline is October 24.

Weekly challenges have resumed.

New members:

if your name is not linked it is because you do not have your shop listed in your profile.

bannercelebrations October 15
bethwicker October 21
citydetails October 25
antigenre November 6

If you are planning on having a sale for the holidays, please post here.

Monday, November 9 at 8:00 P.M. in the Virtual Labs on Etsy.

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