Saturday, December 20, 2008

TeamSC Newsletter Volume 6- Holiday Edition!

I hope all TeamSC members are having a fabulous holiday season. Not to worry you or anything but do you realize that there are only 3 more shopping days until Christmas??? LOL, it'll be alright.

I'm very much looking forward to the New Year for the South Carolina Team. One of the first things that will be announced will be our Second Creative Challenge. The theme of this Challenge will be announced on Friday January 2, 2009. So keep an eye out on the team blog as all of the official rules and what the theme will be will be announced there. You will have through midnight on Sunday February 1st to submit your item. This challenge will be set up much like the Fall Challenge. If you weren't around for that one, you can look at these archived blog posts to see how it all went down.
If anyone would like to donate a prize to be given away to a non-teamsc member who leaves a comment on the blog during the contest please email me. This helps to drive more traffic to the blog, and more exposure is always great!

Team Survey: Also I would like to mention a little something about membership. We no longer require members to post at least 3 posts a month on our private forums. I would like to encourage everyone to stop by and to participate in our weekly contests (which will be starting back up in January). We also post in the etsy forums, just search for teamsc under forums and you will find us. If you haven't already, stop by and say hi! We would love to get to know you! I will be sending out a team survey every quarter. It will be a short survey, and shouldn't take long to complete. This will give a lot of great feedback on how to make our team better and also it will help me know who is interested in remaining in the team.

Team Tag: Please make sure to tag all of your items with "teamsc". This is very important and it helps you as well as helps the team! It helps you because other teamsc members can find you better. I know a lot of us search teamsc when we make treasuries, do blog featurettes, and other promotions for the team. For example, if I want to do a treasury of awesome red items I will type in the search bar "teamsc red" and choose my items from that list, and you may have the most super swell red item but if it's not tagged with teamsc, it won't be included. It will be sad that it's not on a treasury with its friends. Don't make your items sad, tag them with teamsc!!!

The Coolest Thing Ever: Sandy from MorganAlexaDesigns and BeadDazzled created this total kick-butt tool that arranges TeamSC shops by category and then there are pictures and oh guys, you have got to check it out. Click here and maybe you can give some TeamSC Shops some love!

The member list on the blog and team page on etsy will be updated twice a month.

Tutorials for the Blog: If anyone has a tutorial they would like to put on the team blog please contact me via email or on etsy. I think that tutorials would drive a lot of traffic to our blog and would be a great way to promote the team!

Craft Fair: I also need to know if anyone is still interested in doing a craft show in the spring and if so, I will need some volunteers to help organize it. I've never done a craft show before so I need help! LOL.

Team Meeting: Our Next Team Meeting is Scheduled for Tuesday, January 6 at 8:00 PM in the Virtual Labs on Etsy. I hope to see you there!

One Last Thing: And this is not a request... Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!! Best Wishes to all!!!!